YES on the Recall

We have successfully collected more than the number of signatures required to qualify for the March 5th, 2024 primary ballot. Thank you to all the community members and voters who worked so hard to stand for ALL students in our public schools.

We are a grassroots campaign led by Woodland parents concerned for the safety of our children. We deserve safe, high-quality schools with dedicated teachers, principals, and school district trustees. You can read the full text of our Intention to Recall here.
To see the individuals and organizations that share our vision for safe and inclusive schools, please see our endorsements

Parents, Grandparent, Educators, Students Support Recall and Safer Schools

WOODLAND – The diverse coalition of parents, grandparents, educators, students and allies who support the campaign to recall WJUSD School Board Trustee Emily MacDonald is fully committed to parents’ rights. The Recall MacDonald campaign is committed to the rights of all Woodland parents to send their children to safe schools where they can learn without harassment or political posturing from grandstanding school trustees. Parents deserve the right to know that their kids’ teachers are focused on instruction instead of policing their students’ lives for “evidence” to discriminate against children. [Read More]

More Drama/Division from WJUSD Trustee Emily MacDonald at 10/12 Board Meeting

Woodland Joint Unified School District Trustee Emily MacDonald again wasted time engaging in political posturing rather than doing the work of governing. Despite the requirement that Woodland schools implement coursework in Ethnic Studies, Trustee MacDonald bizarrley tried to claim it was a “luxury item” that the District shouldn’t fund. Further, she refused to state out loud what item she was referring to, only calling it “Purchase Order 3” on the list of expenditures the Board was agreeing to fund. [Read More]

Reaffirming Support for All Woodland Youth

WJUSD Board meeting 8/10/2023 Item H Resolution 2-24 “Resolution Reaffirming Support for All Woodland Youth” Trustee MacDonald’s concerns about the resolution were as follows: Formatting of the resolution The amount of work for staff She was unsure what the terms indoctrination and implicit bias meant and thought they should be defined in the resolution She wasn’t sure if the implicit bias trainings were mandatory for students or not (they are not, they are mandatory to be offered to students) She requested that the resolution come back to the board with changes. [Read More]

Trustee Area 2 Voters Launch Recall Effort Against Emily MacDonald

Photo credit: “Recall MacDonald” Campaign Committee On June 28, 2023, Woodland residents packed the Woodland Joint Unified School District’s boardroom to voice their concerns regarding comments made by Trustee Emily MacDonald regarding the transgender and LGBTQIA+ community. During the school board’s annual presentation of a resolution recognizing June and LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, Trustee MacDonald referred to transgender people as a “social contagion” and stated that the “normalization of transgender identity” has had “unintended consequences. [Read More]