Parents, Grandparent, Educators, Students Support Recall and Safer Schools

WOODLAND – The diverse coalition of parents, grandparents, educators, students and allies who support the campaign to recall WJUSD School Board Trustee Emily MacDonald is fully committed to parents’ rights.

The Recall MacDonald campaign is committed to the rights of all Woodland parents to send their children to safe schools where they can learn without harassment or political posturing from grandstanding school trustees. Parents deserve the right to know that their kids’ teachers are focused on instruction instead of policing their students’ lives for “evidence” to discriminate against children.

This grassroots campaign is being led by Woodland parents concerned for the safety of their children. Woodland parents deserve safe, high-quality schools with dedicated teachers, principals, and school district trustees.

Trustee Emily MacDonald has said she did not want to win and does not send her own school-aged children to Woodland Joint Unified District schools.

“I’m going to be perfectly frank, I didn’t think I had a prayer of winning this election, if I had thought I was going to win the election I probably wouldn’t have run.”

— Trustee Emily MacDonald, June 17, 2023, after winning a seat on the Woodland Joint Unified School District Board

MacDonald’s words and actions make it clear she does not want the job. Woodland voters can grant her wish by voting YES on the Recall to remove her from office.