Reaffirming Support for All Woodland Youth

WJUSD Board meeting 8/10/2023

Item H Resolution 2-24 “Resolution Reaffirming Support for All Woodland Youth”

Trustee MacDonald’s concerns about the resolution were as follows:

  1. Formatting of the resolution
  2. The amount of work for staff
  3. She was unsure what the terms indoctrination and implicit bias meant and thought they should be defined in the resolution
  4. She wasn’t sure if the implicit bias trainings were mandatory for students or not (they are not, they are mandatory to be offered to students)

She requested that the resolution come back to the board with changes. When asked by the Board President Villagrana if she would support the resolution if it came back with her requested changes she said, “I don’t know”.

The resolution passed with Trustee MacDonald’s suggestion to define implicit bias, as well as a change suggested by Trustee Bautista Zavala, with the vote of 6 YES and 1 NO from Trustee MacDonald.

Update: The resolution as it passed with the vote counts can be found here

Recall MacDonald Committee’s Response to Trustee MacDonald’s NO vote:

Trustee MacDonald claimed at the meeting (after failing to do so on multiple occasions in the last few meetings) to support all students then voted NO on passing a resolution that’s sole purpose was to show that WJUSD does indeed support all students. Apparently her purported concerns of formatting were more important that trying to heal the wound she has inflicted onto our community. It sure doesn’t seem like supporting all students is a big concern for her.